Monday, September 30, 2013

Battle of the Tapes: KT tape Vs. Rock Tape

Since the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, the rise of kinesiology tape used by athletes has dramatically increased. With the increase in popularity there are now multiple brands of kinesiology tape to choose from, but which one works the best?  As an athletic trainer, I have used both KT tape and Rock Tape on my athletes. With this experience, I have developed an educated opinion about both tapes. The pros and cons of the two brands include:

KT Tape

 --- Inexpensive, a box of tape with 20 pre-cut strips can be purchased for under $10.00. A box will usually last one person about a week and a half.
 --- Available for purchase at local drugstores and athletic stores, example: Walmart, Walgreens, Academy.
 --- Athletes have the option to purchase KT tape or KT tape Pro. Proponents of KT tape claim that it will stay on for 1-3 days, while advocates of KT tape Pro tout that the “Pro” will stay on for 7 days.
 --- Tape comes pre-cut.
 --- Available in a wide variety of colors to match school colors.

 --- Does not stay on athletes for more than a day, especially athletes that sweat profusely.

Rock Tape
 --- Can stay on an athlete for up to 4-5 days, even ones that are heavy sweaters.
 --- Can customize length of the tape and splits.
 --- Have a variety of colors and patterns to choose from.


 --- More expensive than KT tape, 1 box of tape (16.4 ft.) runs for $18.00.
 --- Many stores do not carry Rock Tape; athletes will have to buy it directly at   or         .

When comparing the two brands I prefer using Rock Tape because I can customize the length and cut of the tape and it also stays on the athlete longer than KT Tape.  Whatever brand you choose, Kinesiology tape is very user-friendly --- it can be used by athletic trainers, marathon runners, and weekend warriors.  

Post your thoughts about kinesiology tape… let me know which brand YOU prefer! 


  1. I have seen the use of athletes using tape increase. In the Olympics I did see athletes using KT tape more than I ever have before. I saw what looked like to be this new thing where the athletes would have long pieces of tape on their bodies which I thought was very interesting. I was use to only seeing athletes with tape on their ankles or an area that needed it. I would prefer KT tape over Rock tape because it’s cheaper and it can last long enough for the purpose I need it for. The tape is already cut up for me so it’s basically ready for me to go ahead and use it.

  2. Athletic tape is an athlete’s best friend, whether it be for an injury or to prevent one. When it comes to supporting an injury as a former athlete I can say from experience the tighter the tape is the better. This means the more adhesive to skin the tape is the better the athletes feels and some tapes do this better than others as stated in Sherissa’s blog. I feel as though I would have to agree with Sherissa and say that Rock Tape is far more superior than KT Tape. Yes, it may be more expensive than KT tape but you will get more bang for your buck when using rock tape because it stays on the skin up to 4 days at a time.

  3. As of right now, i find KT tape works fine for my athletes that do not sweat a lot…I'm getting ready to purchase Rock Tape for Lacrosse season. We will see how it holds up..

  4. Thank you for sharing this post. I really wanted to read something on athletic tape. Being an athlete, I have to have information about all the aspects related to Sports Tape.

  5. Thanks for this informative share..

    I myself prefer KT Tape. I have been quite impressed with how these "simple" looking tapes can take pain away so quickly and effectively. I have 4 very bad discs and this tape really helped me out from getting relive from this pain.