Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Phit or Phail

Last week’s blog ( focused on Tarleton State University’s emphasis on physically active Kinesiology majors. Tarleton Kinesiology majors must meet the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) health-related fitness standards at the 40th percentile or above for age and gender in order to graduate. But what happens when a student has difficulty passing one of the required tests? To address this issue, Tarleton’s Clinical Exercise Research Facility (CERF) has come up with a solution. Phit or Phail (Fit or Fail) is a learning series taught by senior-level Kinesiology majors during their internship in CERF. These interns are focused on assisting Kinesiology students who are struggling to achieve the appropriate fitness standards on the health-related tests that include a 1.5 mile run, bench press, leg press, sit-ups, and flexibility.  Each semester four sessions are provided to help meet the fitness needs of students below the 40th percentile.
  1.  Phirm or Phlab --- focuses on developing muscular strength.
  2. Phast or Phail --- emphasizes boosts in cardiovascular health.
  3. Phit or Phlab --- concentrates on improving muscular endurance and reducing body fat percentage.
  4. Phloat or Phlop --- aims to help students to improve their swimming skills.

Students who attend these meetings will learn helpful tips on how to advance their current fitness levels. One of the main focuses of these sessions is the creation of a workout calendar.  The calendar allows the students to make a commitment to exercise on certain days each week.  After the students choose the dates and times they will exercise, CERF interns will help create a customized exercise plan.  With these Phun informative sessions, students can hopefully pass the minimum health-related fitness standards required for graduation.  But most importantly, they can learn to how to live a physically active life!

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  1. I think that the idea of “fit or fail” great! As an undergrad at Tarleton, I personally enjoyed being tested over the health related fitness standards. The portion of testing that I most struggled with was the bench press/ muscular strength. I feel that if I would have been offered the “Phirm or Phlab” course while preparing to take the test, I would have felt more confident on the day that we tested out. Many students in my class struggled tremendously with the swimming portion of the test. If senior level kinesiology majors would have been there for one on one lessons, focusing on the students weaknesses, the student preparing for the test would have a greater chance of passing the first time around, unlike my classmates who attempted to pass 2-3 times.