Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dancing My Way to Better Health

From the years of 2004-2011, I danced year round, making it easy for me to stay in shape. However, after graduating with my Bachelor’s degree in May 2011, I put my dance career on hold while I focused on making the transition from college student to full time teacher/coach. After finding a job, in June 2011, my life became extremely hectic as I tried to learn everything about becoming the best coach possible. My high school students became more important to me than my own health which in turn caused me to gain about 20 pounds. It was hard to stay confident, with such negative changes in my appearance, so I decided it was time to focus on me and get back to the gym.

Shortly after joining a gym, I heard about an audition for a dance team. I missed dancing and knew that this audition would motivate me to get back in shape. For a period of eight weeks I engaged in a vigorous exercise routine; I completed a cardio workout five days a week for 45-60 minutes  and incorporated strength training into my daily routine. Audition day came, and although I had lost over half the weight, I was not as fit as the other dancers. Luckily, the director still invited me to join her team. During the season, I watch the extra weight fall off as I danced daily and incorporated more strength training into my weekly regimen.

During the next audition season, I was selected for a semi-professional dance team.  After working hard for two years, and completely changing my lifestyle, I am proud to say that I am back to my college size. I am in better shape than I ever thought possible which has prompted me to consider attending my biggest audition yet --- a try-out for the Dallas Cowboys Rhythm & Blues Dancers!  I truly feel that I have danced my way to a healthier, more confident me.

Pictures are from auditions in 2011, 2012, and me currently.


  1. Your story about dancing your way back to health is inspiring. I think a lot of people can relate to your story about being in shape and then life happens and you make time for your job or family and you don’t make time for yourself and your health. It seems to be more common and I would even admit it for myself. After golf I haven’t made that time to work out but I have finally realized what I am doing to my health and made fitness a priority. I am now training for a 5K and running back to better health. Your blog is a great story to share and inspire others to find what they love or start doing what they love again to get healthier.

  2. Congratulations .That’s an incredible transformation and an amazing achievement towards your career. Your story should motivate many to take care of themselves. If you don’t, who will? Too many people get caught up in the world around them working jobs, raising families, and enjoying their social lives and tend to forget about themselves. Health starts to go down the drain, the number on the scale goes up, and overall enjoyment of life declines. That is why it is so important to take care of you first. When you are in good health everything else tends to fall into place. Once again, congrats on your success!!!

  3. This is a great story Amber! It is inspiring and encouraging. Personally I reached a time in my life where my health and fitness were not a priority and it took a toll on me mentally as well. You should be very proud of yourself knowing that you are a healthy role model for those that you coach and also your friends and family around you. Good luck on your try outs and I hope that you let us know how it goes!