Thursday, March 7, 2013

Personal Basketball Trainers

Personal Basketball Trainers can help to improve a player’s basketball skills through drills, sets, conditioning, and working on specific problem areas of the individual or team. These trainers actually break down the game into specific focus areas such as footwork, ball handling, defense, shooting, passing, and making moves to beat the defender to the basket. Personal Trainers provide basketball players with one-on-one lessons which leads to improved skills and court awareness. One of the players that I trained improved to become one of the top players in the state her freshman year and was recruited by a variety of college basketball teams. Her main problem areas were footwork, blocking out, rebounding, shooting, ball handling and post moves. We would start off with ball handling drills and moves to the basket.  Speedwork was also important so that she could blow past defenders. I had her work on post moves on both sides of the basket allowing her to first go through the movements in order to get footwork right to avoid traveling or double dribbling. We would then pick up the speed and perform the moves while I played defense. The end of each session would end with shooting on the gun or a quick workout in the weight room.

Personal Trainers for basketball provide an opportunity for young athletes to improve their game. They are encouraged to go home and work on what they’ve learned on their own time so that the next session, if that problem area is mastered, they can move on to learning something different. Personal Basketball Trainers can be a wonderful career opportunity for former players and students of the game, but, we have to get the word out.  Market your skills and find your dream job today!

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