Friday, March 1, 2013

2013 NFL Combine- Indianapolis

Indianapolis, Indiana is the site where over 300 of the best college football players around the nation will display their athletic prowess in hopes of making it to the next level – the NFL. The Indianapolis Combine is an invitation-only event involving the most NFL-ready college athletes; these athletes will be judged on physical performance as well as mental toughness and stability.

Coaches and Scouts from all 32 NFL teams will be in attendance at the Indy Combine and they will administer very precise evaluation process to determine those who will be drafted on April 25th in New York. This evaluation process is more than measuring size and strength numbers. The athletes’ mental capacity will be measured through the Wonderlick Test ( which is a timed 12-minute exam which consists of an array of 50 questions over cognitive learning and problem solving skills. Throughout the duration of the Combine there will be an interview phase that extracts personal information evaluating the character and maturity of each athlete. Considering the large amounts of money that will be invested in the draft picks, it is essential that the NFL owners and GM’s intricately learn about every aspect of the athlete’s life.    How these athletes carry themselves throughout the NFL Combine could make a difference in thousands to millions of dollars. These athletes are put under a microscope in every aspect as the coaches evaluate demeanor, character, leadership and competitive nature as well as investigate an athlete’s postings on social media sites.

Less than 1 percent of college football players make it to the NFL. The average career lasts only 3 seasons. The NFL Indy Combine is the biggest job interview of these players’ lives; this is where all of the training, hard work, film studies, and dedication shows up. There should be little doubt as to why the Indianapolis Combine houses the top medical, coaching, and scout evaluation staffs from around the nation in order to precisely evaluate the NFL future of these elite athletes.  

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