Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sports Marketing in Relation-to Coaching

        Sports marketing relates to coaching in many ways and on many different levels.  As a coach, one will have to market something, it just depends on what and to whom.  It is an on-going and ever-changing process.  For example, a student just coming out of college with their degree would probably be marketing themselves to whatever and whomever whether this is a select team, high school, or even a college team.   However, a head college coach of twenty years with tenure and job security definitely would not be promoting or marketing himself unless he or she was looking for another job.  He would probably be marketing his team, the school, or the atmosphere.  He would be doing whatever he could to put butts in the seats and make money for himself and his school.  It always comes down to one thing in coaching, heck in any job, and that is job security.  Also in coaching college you must market to your recruits and their families.  However, it is mostly the recruits you have your eye on because that kid is not going to come to your school if he is not interested.  If one does not grab his or her attention, no matter how much influence those parents have, that kid is not going to come.  It is and will always be about how one presents him or herself and there program.

        So what are some ways one can market themselves or their school?  In high school it can even be as simple as having pep rallies at the school to get the kids to come out and watch.  One can use fliers or commercials but I feel the best way to promote a school or one’s self is social media.  Twitter is used by millions of people these days and for many different services.  I believe this would definitely be very successful at the college level because our generation is always on it.  It just all depends on who your target audience is.  If you’re looking to start your own select team or coaching facility, twitter may not be as successful.  Your target audience is completely different.  Yes, you’re still targeting the kids, but the parents are the primary target.  They have the money and they are the ones you will have to convince that you can get there kid somewhere.  One could promote business with promotional camps and commercials or they could utilize YouTube and make their own channel. .

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  1. Marketing is essential in just about every profession especially coaching. You have to market yourself to the A.D. for your job, market yourselves to the players, and even the student body. After you win over all those people, you still have to win over recruits to convince them to play for you. It is a never ending cycle and it is also a tool that is essential for the longevity of ones career.