Tuesday, April 12, 2016


With a consistent focus on tomorrow’s youth, we sometimes overlook the importance of providing recreational services for mid major adults. In this particular case, the target participants will be men, ages 35 and up and the specific sport will be basketball. In the following, I have demonstrated a way to form a successful league for men over the age of 35.

We all are aware of the benefits of exercising often. Controlling unwanted weight gain, improving moods by generating energy, and combating health conditions are some of the results produce by daily exercising2. For some people, even the benefits of exercising is not enough motivation to get them to participate in some form of physical activity. “While many people experiment with forms of physical activity that are good for them but not pleasurable, they tend to stay with activities that they enjoy, often for decades.” (Godbey and Mowen, 2015)1 Unlike the traditional routine of running on a treadmill, participating in a recreational event of your choice can make things fun and enjoyable.  A recreational basketball league for men ages 35 and up can allow participants to get active while doing something they enjoy. Implementation of this league can give that one individual an opportunity to take back control of his health.  With a specific age requirement, this will allow participants a chance to compete against players around their age. Some older men love to play the sport of basketball but refuse to play against younger players due to the fear of embarrassment or not enough stamina to keep up.  With the coordination of this league, we plan to eliminate that fear that some older men may have. This league will allow the players to relive their playing days by making new ones.

To create any league, advertising is imperative. Getting the amount of participation in adult leagues could be more difficult than a youth league. The placement of flyers around the area and the use of social media are ways to advertise the league. Word of mouth can still be used as a form of promoting.    Advertising is vital when creating a league that has never been offered. Creating a discount for signing up early could be a suggestion. This is another way to encourage participants.  It is important to be lenient and have patience. At this stage, you can even look to acquire a sponsor. This is optional but could be another way to promote the league.

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  1. Eric, I agree with you 110%. Yes the youth have more energy and a league filled with new energy will always grow faster, but there are men out there that still have that competitive drive and need some type of league/ sport to keep them sane. I say this because I know one day, the older men will include me.