Friday, February 20, 2015

Upper Body Exercises for the Stay at Home Mom
There are five different parts of your upper body, these consist of chest (pectoralis major), back, arms, core, and shoulder. Each part of the upper body is very important to focus on, just like leg day. There isn’t one part that is more important than the other, so getting them all equally worked is important as they all connect in some way. The core, or abdominal muscles, is a very important because those muscles connect up to your chest, to your back, and then connect down to your thighs. Working your back and shoulders will help your posture which in return helps prevent injuries. Having strong arms helps with everyday activities as well, such as reaching, grabbing, and carrying things.
For stay at home moms, upper body exercises are very important. Having a strong upper body allows mom’s to be able to multi task. Performing multiple tasks such as carrying a child and cooking dinner can kill the back if it lacks strength. Which proves to be even more important for moms to get fit and stay fit to help with their normal tasks of the day.
Chest- a good exercise for the chest would be bench, but since most moms do not have access to this equipment at home due to funds a mom could lay down on the floor or getting on a physio ball and using dumbbells or heavy books and pushing them upward would give them the same results.
Back- russian twists would be a good back exercise and this exercise also works out the obliques. The russian twists consist of you sitting on the floor and either holding a weight or holding your hands together and pick up your feet from the ground. Begin to twist your body and hit the weight or your fists into each side on the ground. Left and right count as one.
Core (Obliques)- There are so many different exercises for the core and they are easiest to do at home. Sit ups, russian twists, and leg climbs are just  a few that can be done.
Arms- Arm exercises would consist of curls, overhead press, and upright row. There are many more but these would be a good start for stay at home moms.
Shoulder- To start out a good exercise would be dumbbell lateral raises, rear deltoid fly, and upright rows.

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