Thursday, February 19, 2015

Benefits of Swimming

When people get to the gym they always sit there for 10-15 minutes trying to figure out what workout they are going to do. When they finally decide, they usually do the same workout that they did the day before. Instead of continuing with this cycle, why not switch it up and head to pool? Many people are not aware of the benefits that come with swimming.

First off, 90% of your body is buoyant when you are in the water up to your neck, so you are not hitting the floor as hard as you would on land. Gravity does not take as much of a toll on your body in water that it does on land. Secondly, there is continual resistance to every move you make. The water offers 12-14% more resistance than when you exercise on land. Lastly, water has cooling effects that disperse heat more efficiently, so there is less chance of overheating. Exercise in water is cooler and more comfortable than it is on land.1
There are also a tremendous amount of physical and psychological benefits benefits that are associated with swimming:1,2

1.       Swimming improves muscle definition and strength
2.       Swimming improves flexibility
3.       Swimming increases  circulation
4.       Swimming rehabilitates muscles
5.       Swimming burns more calories than running

1.       Swimming releases stress and lowers depression
2.       Swimming renews energy
3.       Swimming teaches patience

So next time you can’t figure out what you want to do for a workout, instead of heading to the gym why not head to the pool?

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  1. Let me first agree by saying that I can workout in a gym all day and lift weights, but when I swim five hundred yards, it is a completely different workout, I am much more tired from swimming. It does of course have to do with specificity, since I never swim. But just hopping into a pool and swimming a little shows you how much of a full body workout it is.