Friday, February 6, 2015

Full Body Workout for the Stay at Mom

For most stay at home mothers who take care of children, may find it easier to get some kind of cardio in daily tasks such as vacuuming or playing with the little ones are great cardio activities but getting a strength workout may be more difficult. It’s hard to find time to even go for a walk but being able to also set time for strengthening can make most moms not want to try.

A full body workout may be the best option for moms instead of having a specific leg, arm, or back workout. These workouts are designed to help save time, which is great for stay at home moms. They need as much time to do housework, play with their children, or just outright chase them around. Time is an essence! Full body workouts combine both upper body and lower body exercises. Having a pull, a push, and squat exercise helps utilize your muscles in the best way possible. Some quick and easy full body workouts would consist of:
              Push ups
               -This exercise is as simple as it sounds. You would lay     
                on their stomach on the ground. Put your hands shoulder
                width apart underneath you and on with your toes pressed
                on the ground, push up with your arms while sucking in your
                stomach towards your back. Keep your back flat and straight
                and keep your shoulder blades separated.
                -Begin in a standing position and then drop to a squat
                position on the ground. Then kick your feet out and keep
                your arms extended on the ground and then come back up
                immediately to your starting position.
                -Having your knees shoulder width apart and bending your
                legs to where your hips are level if not a little beneath your
                knees. You would be pushing your knees and hips.

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