Friday, February 13, 2015

Leg Day for the Stay at Home Mom

A leg workout is a very important part of someone’s work out. There are so many different exercises that can be done. For stay at home mothers being able to squat and lift things around the house is important. It takes strength to be able to carry a child on their hip and then pick something up off of the ground like a grocery bag.
Stay at home moms realize the hard work it takes to run a house and take care of children. It takes so much energy and hard work. The endurance a mother needs to just keep up is huge. Being able to find ways at home to work out and stay fit is crucial. It helps people by staying healthy, looking good, feeling good, spending time with their children, and even have the energy to keep up with household responsibilities and children.
Some great leg exercises would include:
Lunges: this is done by stepping with your left or right foot like you are taking a step but bend the opposite leg down just above the ground. You can do standing lunges by just rotating each leg or you can do them walking. Side lunges also will do the trick,
instead of going forward go to the side and the opposite leg does not bend.
Calf Raises: standing in place, go up onto your toes and hold it there for 5 seconds and then come back down and repeat.
Body Squats: also a good full body workout, squats are great for the quadriceps. Bring your feet even with your shoulders. When going down make sure to go all the way down like sitting in a chair. Going past your knees is to far down. Keep the back straight and do not bow your knees in when coming back up.
Step Ups: by using either a sturdy coffee table or chair, use one foot at a time and step on what is being used and push up and bring up the other leg to your chest and then go back down. Repeat these for several sets.
These are just a few exercises that can be done at home. If you do not have weights or dumbbells, books or anything heavy such as water jugs. This way you’re not spending money on extra things when you can still get the same benefits.

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  1. Coming from a trainer that trains people in their homes this is a quick and easy way for someone to get a quick workout in without any equipment.