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Whey Protein: Yes or No?

Whey Protein: Yes or No?

The answer is yes, an absolute YES! When talking about the supplements that you should take there is no way this one can go without being mentioned. Whey protein has been around as long as milk has been. Whey protein is a complete protein that is found in milk. It also has numerous amino acids, a large amount are BCAA’s (Branch Chain Amino Acids) which are beneficial if you are looking at possibly gaining muscle. It is often mixed with water or milk and the consumed as a beverage. It is easily the most used supplement across all of fitness. Also the benefits of whey are often
overlooked. The benefits of whey protein are amazing and I feel it should be including into the average daily diet.

Benefits of Whey Protein:
  1. Immunity - Immunoglobulin is found in whey protein and helps with keeping a healthy immune system. This helps you in everyday life with the possibilities of becoming sick you now have a strong immune system because of taking whey protein.
  2. Heart Health - Studies have shown that those who take whey protein on a regular basis have better high-density lipoprotein and triglyceride levels and lower systolic blood pressure.
  3. Weight Control - Incorporating whey protein into your diet without working out has shown people to lose weight.
  4. Building Muscle - Whey protein is digest into the digestive system faster than casine (also a protein) allowing it to work faster and provide better results. The fast digestion allows you to take it before you workout and it to supply your muscles with amino acids that you need to build the muscles you want.”Whey protein also boosts blood flow to muscle tissue, which is another secret to its protein-synthesis power.” It helps increase recovery after a workout.

When including whey protein into your diet it is recommended to drink or ingest the protein about   30 minutes before you workout and within 30 minutes after you workout for maximum results. On average you want consume one gram of protein for each pound on your body but that varies with goals and what you are trying to accomplish.

As you can see whey protein is incredibly helpful to the body in all that it does. From immunity to building muscle it does all that it can to better you. With everything that has been said it is pretty hard to not want to include this into your daily diet. When it comes to your body you get out of it what you put into it so why not put something great into it.

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  2. Very helpful information for those who are unfamiliar with Whey Protein. Many people would have much better results if they incorporated it into their diet. Great blog