Monday, May 30, 2016

The Essentials of Stabilization

The Essentials of Stabilization
Stabilize and you thrive! I will begin the explanation of this planner by discussing each phase of this program starting with stabilization. Have you ever had that moment when you have slipped on a wet surface and you caught yourself before you fell? This describes our ability to stabilize! Even when you are jumping off a ledge onto the ground below tests your ability to stabilize.2  The ability to be stable can separate you from winning and losing in the game of life.

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned athlete this phase is essential for all individuals. The stabilization phase will focus on moderate-intensity, high repetition training emphasizing the core and joint stability.1 This phase will progressively challenge your body’s ability to stabilize.  It will enhance your activity-specific strength adaptations such as kicking a ball to your child in the backyard, climbing up stairs, or simply going on a walk with your family.

Our goals for this phase will be to improve your stability, muscular endurance, neuromuscular efficiency (catching yourself from falling), and coordination. This will be a four-week phase that will prepare you for the next phase of muscular endurance. The first week will be a building cycle where the reps will be moderate along with exercises to prepare you to progress. The second week after you have become familiar with the exercises you will begin to be challenged further with higher reps. The third week will be your burnout week where you will be progressed by the reps and sets pushing you to your limits. Finally, the fourth week we will begin to taper off and deload the reps and sets to prepare you for the next phase of muscular endurance that will begin the following week.1 During each week you will be completing some sort of cardiovascular work and recovery session on your off-days during the week. These cardio workouts are programmed to enhance your recovery time in between workouts. Refer to the example workout (below the references) for further explanation.

If you are ready to go outside and play catch, work efficiently in the garden, or go hiking on unstable rocks with friends start with this phase. Always remember stabilize and you thrive!

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July - Phase Stabilization

Day 1

A1 - Stability Ball Push Up
A2 - Side plank w/Twist
A3 - Goblet Squat to Stand

B1- Stability Ball Fall Outs
B2 - Lateral Box Jump

C1 - 2-Arm 1-Leg RDLs
C2 - 1/2 Kneeling 2-Arm Curl to Press
C3 - Eccentric Slide Board, 2-Leg Curls
C4 - Alternating Arms Stability Ball Bench

D1 - 5 Min. Cool Down

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