Friday, June 26, 2015

The NCAA Basketball Recruiting Calendar

The NCAA Coaches Certification Test must be passed with a score of 80.0% in order to not only contact prospective student-athletes (PSAs) off-campus, but also evaluate them at different events.1 We will take a look at the general rules of a recruiting calendar which applies to all levels (Division I, II, and III) equally (except for time periods). As one can see by taking a look at the Division II recruiting calendar, there are four distinct periods in the recruiting season. We highlight each period, the thoughts about them, and what is permissible during each.

Dead Period: These periods normally run just before the signing periods in both the Fall and Spring, allowing the PSAs space to gather their thoughts and talk things over with their families before making their college decisions. Letters, emails, calls, and texts are allowed during dead period.2
Quiet Period: During this period of recruiting, the PSAs are just getting established in school, beginning to focus on their season, or just finishing up school for the year. Although it is obviously less restrictive than Dead Period, Quiet Period allows some space to focus on tasks at hand with little distraction and pressure. Letters, emails, calls, texts, official and unofficial visits are allowed during quiet period.2
Evaluation Period: Better known as “Live Period”, this is the time that Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) programs are going full steam ahead or high school teams are contending for a state championship. Many PSAs are able to showcase their talents and earn that coveted scholarship during this period. Obviously coaches are able to EVALUATE potential players during this time because they are in their playing seasons on the court. Letters, emails, calls, texts, official/unofficial visits, and evaluations at club or high school competitions are allowed during evaluation period.2
Contact Period: This period is when coaches want the most “bang for their buck” more than any other. Contact periods normally last for a lengthy period of time before the PSAs can sign their National Letter of Intent. Letters, emails, calls, texts, official/unofficial visits, evaluations at club or high school competitions, and off-campus/in-home visits are allowed during contact period.2
Staying within the confines of these rules during the specific dates keeps universities away from NCAA sanctions. Capitalizing during these periods is the key to not only building a great program and keeping a job, but also advancing one’s career to a higher level.   


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  1. This is an article that should be sent to all coaches and athletes. Too many parents truly have no idea how this works. Its insanely confusing because too many other people don't always play by the (NCAA) rules. Clarifying the different times (or periods) in a calendar simplifies everything. Nicely laid out.

    1. There are many things that parents (and coaches) should be educated about! After two full years of recruiting, I am amazed at some of the requests and comments I get. Your idea of sending this information out to AAU and high school coaches could help build a bridge between them and college coaches (recruiters).

  2. This is a very powerful article. A lot of NCAA teams have received sanctions for not following the rules of recruiting. I'm pretty sure that there are some coaches that are not fully aware that they are breaking rules, they just don't know the exact time of periods to contact athletes.