Monday, June 22, 2015

Making the proper Tackle (American Football)


Executing a tackle with proper form is one of the first lessons that should be taught to defensive football players.  Dropping your head during a tackle or leading with your helmet can result in injury (concussions), paralysis, or death.1  These injuries have become so common that USA football started the Heads Up Football campaign, a national initiative to help make football better and safer.  With the advanced education, coaches are now required to take the time and teach the technique to keep our athletes protected at a higher rate.

Making the tackle

    •  The ideal tackle starts with your feet being about shoulder width apart.

    • Next, you want to squeeze your shoulder blades back and down to help assist in the security of your neck. Be certain that your head is up, and eyes are forward at all times. This technique is for safety purposes, but also remember that you can't tackle what you can't see.  

    • After that, work on your lower body posture, bend your knees and slightly lean forward so that your body makes a 45 degree angle. Staying low puts you in a powerful position that allows you to optimize the exertion of your energy and make convincing tackles. Keep in mind that your lower body is superior to your upper body in strength, so the lower you are, the more strength and explosion you are capable of using.

    • When making a proper tackle, remember head up and eyes up, using the front of the shoulder as the first point of contact. After contact has been made you also want to make sure that you wrap your arms around the ball carrier as if you were trying to give him a hug.

    • Always keep your feet active.................Never let those feet die!!!!!!

    • The reason feet always need to be active is that, when you make contact, you want to wrap up with your arms and drive the person with the ball to the ground. If your feet die, you relinquish all of that power you had built up in your power position.

    •  Being the lower man with the better explosion and foot drive will aid you in making an effective tackle every time.

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