Thursday, November 1, 2012

Twitter: New Era of Score Reporting

     The social media outlet Twitter was created in 2006 and has since evolved to change the way people communicate with each other, express their opinions, and provide up to the minute information on just about every topic imagined. One change that the growth of Twitter has caused is how quickly and easily scores can be discovered and shared by via Twitter. The Internet as a whole greatly changed the way that scores and statistics are shared and greatly improved the speed in which results could be shared and discovered. The emergence of Twitter has taken score reporting to a whole new level, much easier and faster than using the basic Internet tools and resources. Scores of all sports and leagues are shared and discussed on Twitter every day. Great games played on live TV will often be trending topics on Twitter as the games are played or as the games end. The Super Bowl, World Series, and NBA Finals are often trending and being discussed for days after the end of the contests.
     Twitter is also useful for keeping up with non-professional sports teams. High school football reporting has seen a great change since Twitter came into existence. Prior to the Internet, scores were reported the day after a game in a local newspaper. Scores reported to a newspaper would likely be scores from that area and be reported at least one day late. The Internet improved the speed in which scores were reported and also allowed people from all over the world to search for the scores that they are interested in. Newspaper websites and websites devoted specifically to covering high school sports are the leading ways to discover scores online. Scores are generally posted online at the conclusion of the game and are normally all available the morning after a game is played.
     Twitter has taken high school football score reporting to a higher level. Scores are now updated and posted during a game. People interested in just about any game can search and look up how their team is doing and keep up with the score of the game as it is being played. Newspapers and radio stations will often Tweet scores and updates of games in their area. Fans also Tweet score updates during and following football games each week. Scores can be discovered as they happen by simply searching for the desired teams and using the correct key words in order to find a score. 
     Twitter connects the world. High school football scores are shared and reported each weekend and are available to the entire network of Twitter users. Over 50 million users have jumped on board and have access to the great wealth of knowledge that Twitter presents on any variety of topics. Twitter can be used as a fun way to communicate with friends and it can also be a way to keep up with your favorite sports team!

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