Thursday, November 1, 2012

Social Media in Sport

      Social media has a major influence on the world today and has provided a way for people in it to connect like never before. Perhaps the biggest influence of social media today is in the world of sport. From Facebook to Twitter, social media allows fans and critics to connect with their favorite teams, athletes, and coaches. Mainstream sports are driven by social media and the rapid attention it can bring to a team, player, or specific issue within the sports culture.  
     Communicating with high profile athletes used to be something that was very rare but is now an everyday experience thanks to social media. Sports fans have always dreamed of being close with their idols and social media provides opportunities for them to connect with their favorite players. Fans can gain more information and insight about their favorite players and teams by following them on Twitter or Facebook. These social networking sites also provide fans opportunities to meet their favorite athletes as well as win prizes such as tickets and memorabilia through various competitions on Twitter and Facebook.
     Social media has had many positive effects on the sports world, but it has also provided some negative experiences for some athletes and organizations. Because social media is such a big part of the sports world today, it is constantly seen by anyone who uses Twitter or Facebook.  High profile athletes are already watched through a magnifying glass and exploited when they say or do anything wrong; social media has enhanced that scrutiny. For example - when athletes give their two cents on issues regarding NFL president Roger Goodell, they are at risk of getting fined and having their words exposed on every sports show out there. Athletes have to be careful about what they say on social media outlets because they are constantly viewed and criticized by the media and sports analyst. Although social media is a great way for athletes to show their passion and appreciation for the fans, it is also just another way they are constantly being watched and ridiculed for things they might say or do.

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  1. Social media has become something that plays a vital role in sports today. Whether it be networking for jobs, or just to keep up with your favorite athlete, twitter/facebook can be a tremendous thing. As you said, it can also be a negative thing for those athletes who don’t choose their words carefully; saying something through twitter can be, and is usually twisted by the media and the athlete is scrutinized for it. These athletes are role models to many children and what they say through social media should be thought through thoroughly before it is posted because those whose lives revolve around covering other people’s every move WILL see it!