Monday, November 5, 2012

NEWS FLASH: Athletic Trainers are on Twitter!

In the field of Athletic Training, we have grown leaps and bounds in the use of today’s technology. It allows us to perform more advanced rehabilitation and treatment methods for athletes or patients who are not responding to traditional methods.  Athletic Trainers rely on other professionals to share advice concerning issues in various rehab programs, about trends in new equipment, or even to get feedback on their research efforts.
Technology today has made communicating with others so much easier. The National Athletic Trainer’s Association (N.A.T.A.) has made efforts to provide more communication options for Athletic Trainers. There is a national conference held every year for Athletic Trainers across the country to come together and learn about new rehab or treatment options, meet vendors and learn about their products, and to interact with other Athletic Trainers. This conference is where many Athletic Trainers can present their research projects and discoveries. N.A.T.A. also has a website where Athletic Trainers can login as members in the organization. This member only site allows employers to post job openings and for prospective employees to view the various job opportunities in the world of Athletic Training.
Other social media sites that have become very popular with Athletic Training organizations, programs and individuals are Facebook and Twitter. In particular, Twitter has become a place where organizations can post upcoming events, recognize professionals in the field, and showcase research efforts.  Lately, concussions have been highlighted; the passage of new laws and establishment of new protocols has increased the awareness about concussions with professionals, athletes, and even parents.
As an Athletic Trainer, I have found the social media networks (Twitter, Career Athletes, LinkedIn, etc.) extremely beneficial for my present and future job choice. This allows me to network with more people in the field and to make my name in the field of Athletic Training. As the world is changing and moving faster, our profession is learning to change with it. Social networking sites help to bring awareness to the rest of the community related to the efforts that Athletic Trainers are making in not only athletics, but also the world!


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  2. Thank you for your comment. We are an athletic training nation!