Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Social Media Does Work!

     In today's society, how prevalent is the role of social media?  In your specific field of expertise, has social media changed how things are done? Whether it be interactions between friends, marketing purposes, or networking with colleagues, social media has affected the world in such a significant way that it is difficult  to believe that we ever lived without Blogs, Twitter, or Facebook. It seems that social media has become second nature to people of all ages.
     In the world of Kinesiology, specifically baseball, social media has opened up a wealth of opportunities for me that I was previously unaware of. Before this semester, I had never blogged or even looked at Twitter. The only form of social media I had experienced was Facebook (Myspace as well but that was in the eighth grade). Once I was acquainted with Twitter and blogging at the beginning of this semester, I realized what huge opportunities they both provide for my professional career. Not only does everyone in our class have a Twitter account but the majority of the players/coaches in minor league baseball have one as well. This allows me to interact with them constantly throughout the year, allowing for potential new opportunities within the game. I will be aware of any and all activity that comes about throughout the off-season. 
     I have also come to realize that almost every company that exists in the entire world is active on Twitter. There have been many instances where I have followed companies in hopes to get in contact with them and possibly land a job with them one day.
     Social media today has become a cornerstone for marketing and networking, it will surely be an important part of the workforce for many years to come.

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